St Vincent's Public Hospital Melbourne -changes to login process

From 2 March 2023 staff from St Vincent's Public Hospital will have a new process for logging into the Clinicians Health Channel.  View the updated user guide for SVHM public health staff.

Changes in resources October 2022

From 1 October 2022 the following resources will no longer be available on Clinicians Health Channel

  • AusDI
  • A-Z listing with RefWorks and RefShare
  • Psychiatry Online Premium archived material including Psychotherapy Library, Geriatric eBook collection, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry eBook collection, Addiction Psychiatry eBook collection

New website

In March 2021 the new-look Clinicians Health Channel was launched. Extensive and complex user research was undertaken with a wide range of health professionals over many months. This research led to a new design and build. And importantly, one that improves on how easily you find required resources.

We want to thank all who contributed their time and hard work, including the Clinicians Health Channel Reference Group, to provide advice that shaped the new website.

This year we plan to build a new user interface for rural clinicians that better targets their required resources, as uncovered during the user research. The new interface will be an option any user can select when arriving on the Clinicians Health Channel home page. 

Registering for CHC using private email

We strongly encourage users to register for the Clinicians Health Channel using their private email in addition to their work email. This allows you to access the website on your phone or other personal device in the event your work environment system is experiencing technical issues.

To register for CHC using your private email, you will need to be at work. Our step by step instructions will guide you through it.

CHC resource updates 2022

In 2020 the following resources were added to the Clinicians Health Channel

UpToDate for targeted rural clinicians

Access to UpToDate on CHC is only available to 50 rural health services. If you work in one of these rural health services you need to navigate to UpToDate onsite. For offsite access, you can use your Clinicians Health Channel login. 

Most large health services have their own UpToDate subscription; if you work for one of them, check with your library.