About CHC

The Clinicians Health Channel (CHC) is a library of clinical reference works. It provides clinicians with up-to-date evidence-based material for point-of-care decision making, research, and ongoing professional education. CHC is available 24 hours a day

The Clinicians Health Channel aims to:

  • provide equity of access to essential clinical knowledge for clinicians, allied health professionals and publicly funded health care employees in metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria
  • facilitate electronic dissemination of clinically-relevant information such as clinical guidelines and protocols distilled from medical research
  • support integration of evidence-based practice into the health care system through evidence-based content and training
  • improve the quality and safety of health care.

CHC is for majority-funded public health organisations and its employees in Victoria. Its resources are accessed by around 100,000 people in 115 hospital and service sites. 

The Clinicians Health Channel is managed by Safer Care Victoria and funded by the Department of Health, Victoria.