Who can access the Clinicians Health Channel?

You can access the Clinicians Health Channel (CHC):

  • if you work at a public health service or
  • over 50 per cent of your work’s health service is funded by the Victorian government.

In Victoria close to 100,000 staff are eligible for the Clinicians Health Channel. We cover 115 hospital and service sites across Victoria.

If your workplace is eligible for CHC you should already have access to it from a work computer. Your work’s network is linked to a valid/recognised network or IP range for the Clinicians Health Channel.

Registering for your own CHC account 

When your work is eligible for the Clinicians Health Channel, you can also then register to have your own account outside of your workplace. This is called offsite registration.

To register your own account you must fill in an online form and include: 

  • where you work
  • your role
  • your email address
  • telephone number (including area code for landline)
  • a username and password of at least 8 characters. Your login credentials are case-sensitive.

Registration doesn’t take long. You will get a confirmation email to set a password about 5 – 10 minutes after completing the form. You have 72 hours to activate your new account or it will be deleted.

Register for access

How to register for your own account from work or home

  1. If you are not at work, you must register using your work email to verify your eligibility.

  2. If you are at work, you can register using a private email address.

To register with your private email address you must complete the registration form on a computer connected to a network within an eligible health service. Once you do, you can access CHC from any external location using your login credentials.

We highly recommend registering your private email address, in addition to registering your work email, as this allows you CHC access if your workplace IT systems are experiencing issues.

Having trouble registering

If you’re having trouble with new registration please first check the following:

  • Have you completed all mandatory sections of the form (these will be auto-highlighted for you)?
  • If you are registering with a personal email address, please ensure you are at your workplace using a network connected computer.
  • Have you previously registered for a Clinicians Health Channel account using the same email address?
  • Have you selected the correct hospital or health service details?
  • Does the email address provided in the registration form match your selected hospital or health service domain name (e.g. email@healthservice.org.au)?

If you’re still unable to register, contact the Customer Support Desk by either:

Registration expiry

If you have a permanent employee contract with your eligible health service your Clinicians Health Channel registration will be valid for 18 months. For those on a temporary employee contract or arrangement your registration will be valid for 6 months.

So, depending on your circumstances you will need to re-apply after either 6 or 18 months by using the registration form.

Renewing your registration

You will be sent an email reminders to renew your registration at 28, 14, 7 and 1 day prior to expiry. 

If you registered a personal email address you’ll need to renew your registration at work following these steps:

  • Follow the account renewal link provided to you. If you experience difficulty following the link please copy and paste the URL into your browser. You will be required to enter your Clinicians Health Channel username and password to begin the renewal process.
  • Once you have been logged in, your details will be auto-populated into the account renewal form. Review this information and update your password (and other details where necessary) or if required your registered hospital or health service. When complete click the submit button.